Eco by Cosentino


describe the image Green with the characteristics and look of a quartz surface

Available in Jumbo Slabs – 126” x 64” ( For Large Island Countertops)

5 LEEDs points when using ECO

Cradle to Cradle certified

A certification system and philosophy established by architect William McDonough based on the idea that products and the built environment should be designed in a closed system so that when they are no longer useful, they provide fuel for new products or natural cycles, eliminating waste. This framework seeks to create production techniques that are not just efficient, but essentially waste-free. In cradle-to-cradle production, all material inputs and outputs are seen either as technical or biological nutrients. Technical nutrients can be recycled or reused with no loss of quality and biological nutrients can be composted or consumed.

Revive Collection – 75% post consumer and post industrial recycled content

Green Collection – 75% post consumer recycled content – more attractive to hard core “greenies” because post consumer product would otherwise have no other lifecycle.

Recycled quartz will come from mining process in Spain

Less quartz content in Eco so slightly less scratch and stain resistant than quartz

Non porous – no sealing

10 colours

Manufactured by Cosentino in Almeida, Spain
Industry leading 5 year non transferrable warranty

Easy maintenance – clean with soap and water

Corn oil and soy based resin