Hanstone Quartz Countertops for the Kitchen and Bathroom

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With more than 32 rich, stylish colors and patterns to choose from, HanStone lets you bring your most vivid imaging to life. Dark and elegant. Bold and lively. Warm and comfortable. You'll find all this and more in HanStone's rich palette. And with HanStone, the variations that is found in all natural stones are kept to an absolute minimum.

Imagine the ideal surface - one that offers extraordinary beauty, and twice the strength and durability of granite.
HanStone begins with the inherent, natural elegance of quartz, then uses advanced technology to create a new realm of possibilities: Dramatic colors and vibrant patterns. A more luxurious sheen. Greater strength and resilience. Minimal maintenance. Solid value. Plus, HanStone gives you the design flexibility you need to make your vision a reality. Available in 30 colors and patterns, HanStone lets you take advantage of one of the strongest and most durable surface materials on the market, without sacrificing style. Since 1952, Hanwha has been a leading name in providing innovative and exciting building materials. In thousands of homes and offices around the world, Hanwha flooring and windows, Hanex solid surfaces, and HanStone quartz surfaces impart an air of style and sophistication, while ensuring superior quality and reliability. Unmatched beauty, unsurpassed durability. That's the essence of HanStone.